7 Key qualities in a great Real Estate agent


Purchasing or selling your home is undoubtedly an exciting experience for anyone however, it may also be overwhelming as large figures will be involved. Deciding on the right realtor is perhaps the main choices that you will make when you are prepared to purchase or sell a property. A great agent can assist you to navigate the buying process with minimal stress and can turn a generally taxing process into a fun one! Whereas a not-so-great agent might make the process complicated and more rigid on you (and also your bank) than it actually needs to be.


Your goal when you are prepared to choose a real estate agent is to find somebody who you can communicate well with, and who shares the same objectives and goals—not just about purchasing or selling a house, however doing as such in a way that prioritizes your needs as a buyer or seller; gets you the most ideal home at the most ideal cost; or sells your property at a record-breaking value.


With countless real estate agents out there to choose from, finding your perfect fit might be even more a test than you expected. There is no secret formula to finding a perfect agent, though there are definitely steps you can take to improve your chances!


Below, we will explore what all property buyers and sellers should search for when they are choosing a real estate agent to assist them with this exciting experience, plus, how you should go about finding your perfect agent.


1. They have a high frequency of responsiveness


Responsiveness is one of the top and most important qualities in a real estate agent, it also reflects greatly on reliability.


If not with clients or in any case tied up, numerous real estate agents will pick up phone calls when called during business hours. (Some will not.) Some agents “block out” and return calls or even messages and enquiries at a fixed time of the day, such as between 11am to 5pm. Agents who time block in this manner will often leave a message on their voice mail or WhatsApp clarifying when they will call back.


Take note of the agent’s response frequency as it also indicates whether he or she is supportive, or not. An agent who is supportive is able to offer an excellent customer service. The logistics of buying or selling a home can get complicated and is susceptible to fall short on something without a supportive and highly responsive real estate agent.


2. They do careful research to mitigate risks


Choose an agent who is transparent about the risks of selling or buying.


Toss out the agents who fluff up and flatter their words. You need somebody who is practical, realistic and can proactively mitigate risks! When getting to know agents, focus on those who present real data and genuine information in their answers from their independent careful research. When it comes to investment and financial analysis, someone who is dedicated to market research can benefit you in long haul on proper decisions.


3. They have your best interests at heart


Ask yourself, “Does my real estate agent have my best interests at heart?” Be transparent and straightforward about your objectives, and if an agent is not presenting to you the right or fitting options, it’s probable they aren’t searching for houses for you but instead to profit and benefit themselves. Ask these questions in advance and do not be afraid to move on to someone else if this relationship does not feel right or fitting.


4. Choose the person, not the experience




It is not always necessary to choose an agent based solely on their experience. Although it is one thing good to have, it is not everything. You will be spending a lot of time with that agent and trust upon him or her to handle large transactions, and you will need to have chemistry and mesh.


Choose someone real and relatable to you. Choose someone who speaks well and is great at negotiating.


5. They are highly trustable


As the client, pay very close attention to your agent on how he or she listens and asks you questions. This reflects sincerity and shows that they are meticulous in getting down to the finest details. The best agents have adequate access to the technology it requires to market your property and attract quality buyers or sellers, but it takes a highly trustable person to understand and work to make sure you achieve your specific goals.


6. They are compassionate towards circumstances



Let’s be honest — purchasing a house can be an exciting yet stressful process, particularly in the event that you are having a new-born, grieving the passing of a loved-one, going through a divorce and so forth. You need a someone who displays great patience towards you and your circumstances. Get to know an agent and see if they have similar emotions, point of view, and understanding as you do.


7. They have positive reviews


Online reviews are probably one of the best assets when to choosing a real estate agent. There is nothing better than reviews from past clients who only have positive things to say and highlight about their own pleasant experiences.


All in all…


A great realtor may not necessarily represent the largest agency, close the most transactions, or make the most money. That person is an accomplished professional who listens to your concerns, has your best interests at heart and knows the local property market at his or her fingertips.

Published on: 01/30/22

Published by: Jason Lee

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