Madam 9

With over 25 years of experience, Madam 9 is an award-winning geomancer and one of Singapore’s leading Feng Shui Master. The highly sought-after veteran practitioner, unsurprisingly, has a growing waiting list of up to two months.

Growing up in a Taoist temple, Madam 9 naturally started her spiritual practice at a young age. As a matter of course, she pursued a profession in Feng Shui with an aim to help others gain the best out of their lives through metaphysical means. In her quest to touch and change the lives of as many people as possible, she became one of the founding members of the Singapore Taoism Masters Association.

Madam 9’s practice of the ancient Chinese philosophy combines Feng Shui, BaZi (‘Eight Character’) Destiny analysis and traditional Hakka San Shi Shu (三世书) readings, to assist her clients in achieving their life aspirations and goals. Integrating classical methods of technical analysis, earthly knowledge and human factors, she is able to identify obstacles and advise on changes that will provide a positive influence on her clients’ lives, career, wealth and health. Her comprehensive knowledge of the Feng Shui elements also allows her to create thoughtful energy adjustments and maximize the potential of her clients.

Starting from humble grounds in 2000, Madam 9 now prides herself in an impressive client pool – ranging from successful entrepreneurs, esteemed institutions, professionals to reputable celebrities from all over the world, with her influence extending to even the Thai royalty.

Her multidisciplinary approach has gained her several accolades, as well as the trust and patronage of local celebrities Julie Tan and Nick Chen, and even that of a former Parliament member. Madam 9 has also imparted her wisdom to the Royal Thai Air Force and the Nirvana Memorial Center in Malaysia. Her Feng Shui consultation services encompass residential homes, independent offices and commercial properties.

Besides mastering the ancient art of Feng Shui, its language and patterns, Madam 9 executes practical applications of BaZi analysis, San Shi Shu interpretations, New Born Name Selection, and Auspicious Date Selection for key milestones in life such as marriage, caesarean delivery, and moving in to new homes. As a well-respected Master of Metaphysics, she prioritises Classical Feng Shui and its fundamental philosophies to seek a balance of yin and yang energies. Madam 9’s Feng Shui recommendations are based on traditional knowledge of environmental and spatial transformation, intentionally applied to support the modern living conditions, lifestyle requirements and future goals.

While based in Singapore, Madam 9 has travelled to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand to lend her guidance when requested. The Feng Shui Master goes above and beyond to devise strategies according to her clients’ needs and desires, earning her endless praises. Countless clients have benefitted from her sharp foresight and precise perception. Madam 9’s meticulous calculations and optimal arrangements of good flow of Qi have brought about immense positive changes to her clientele’s upcoming life plans and new beginnings.


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