Master Lee

A strong believer of the practicality of Traditional Feng Shui, Master Lee is an internationally acclaimed Feng Shui Master with over three decades of experience under his belt.

Beginning his professional practice in 1990, he has conducted Feng Shui consultations in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei, providing simple yet effective solutions for his clients.

After achieving a doctorate degree in Astrology and Metaphysics, Master Lee went on to receive international accreditation, attaining the Honorary First Prize in the International Forum of Chinese Society for Research & Guidance for his commendable findings and contributions. He has also been awarded multiple titles globally, notably having the “Datuk” title bestow upon him by the Sultan of Perak.

Today, the Vice-President of the World Taoism Association continues to receive invitations to guest as a keynote speaker at various seminars. In terms of press coverage, his expertise and geomancy accomplishments have graced several prominent regional and international newspapers.

The driven and result-oriented Feng Shui Master is committed to improve the lives of his clients through systematic calculations and harmonizing every element of their physical environment. His practice of the ancient art revolves around BaZi (‘Eight Characters’) analysis, Chinese astrology and Metaphysics.

With his vast knowledge and experience, Master Lee creates new arrangements of the Qi in his clients’ homes or commercial properties for an optimal energy balance. He is adept in combining the abovementioned Classical Feng Shui methodologies based on the Chinese Five Element philosophy to provide detailed explanations of his clients’ lives, work, fortune, health and relationships.

Aside from Feng Shui and BaZi readings, the world-class master practitioner is also a specialist in Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu), one of the most accurate and renowned divination methods, as well as Auspicious Date Selection for major events and occasions such as moving in to new homes, grand openings, product launches and more. The veteran prioritises addressing his clients’ energy imbalances and providing strategies that restore free circulation of the Qi for a heightened sense of stability and calmness.

Master Lee boasts a noteworthy clientele, such as the Beijing University (School of Life Sciences) and Sichuan University (Department of Philosophy), and has been invited to carry out audits in the properties of renowned private groups, such as the Beijing 101 headquarters and the estates of the Yip In Tsoi Group. His impressive reach extends to Thailand’s Ministry of Defense, once commissioned by the Royal Thai Air Force.

Master Lee wants people to know that Feng Shui is not about superstition, but about balancing all aspects of one’s life and space with positive intention for positive outcomes. With his help, his clients have been able to attract prosperity, health, success and good balance in their lives and careers. Activation and harnessing of auspicious energy are key in inviting positive Qi to circulate in the surrounding environment, and Master Lee works closely with his clients to assist them in overcoming challenges and discovering their ideal, healthy changes in life.


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