A strategist with an altruistic heart, Jason is a Real Estate Salesperson who specialises in property investment and resale strategies, with a focus on investment analysis and identifying profitable properties for his client pool.

During his younger years, Jason would follow his parents to numerous client consultations, where he visited countless properties and estates, and found an appreciation for architecture and interior design. With the influence from his upbringing and family’s Feng Shui business, Jason naturally grew a strong passion and interest in real estate.

Combined with his nurtured drive for real estate, Jason’s past experiences with other industry veterans propelled his ambition to provide rewarding real estate advice and improvements to his clients’ lives.

Taking a leap of faith, Jason commenced his special calling to enter the real estate industry. As he encountered people from all walks of life in this trade, he acquired insight on the wisdom of the wealthy on the best method to grow their wealth and achieve financial stability – property investment. Jason discovered his desire to do the same for others, by imparting financial literacy knowledge, presenting his clients with profitable opportunities, and most importantly, convincing them that investing in property the right way would change their lives for the better.

In the pursuit of improving his skill sets and strategising capabilities, Jason attended a variety of courses to strengthen both his hard and soft skills, such as real estate digital marketing, real estate timeline planning, master plan analytical workshops and more. Aside from building on his personal abilities, Jason also persistently taking up seminars that can improve the value he bring to my clients, notably – real estate investment training, real estate investment calculations, and financial planning seminars.

Through invaluable local market knowledge, pricing expertise and his self-developed resale strategies, Jason have had a 100% success rate in helping his clients achieve sale prices of their properties at above bank valuation, with his most successful case attaining a sale price of $80,000 above bank valuation.

The other specialty under his belt is real estate investment where he analyse and plan profitable investments for his clients. In particular, Jason precise evaluations have enabled one of his earliest clients to gain $100,000 in profit in under two years, through streamlining and executing the best foolproof strategies for them.

Jason’s determination and heart to help others make the right property decisions are reflected in his work ethics and detailed personalised consultations. Jason always go above and beyond to ensure that all of his clients have a clear vision and thorough comprehension of the entire process. Through having an in-depth understanding of his clients’ needs, as well as long-term and short-term financial and life goals, he is able to proficiently advise and implement the most ideal game plan for them.

Jason’s motto is to create positive change in the lives of his clients. In line with his principle, he is committed to ensuring well-justified profits for all of his clients’ investments throughout the different stages of their lives.

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