Expect the best result with our proven sales framework that incorporate Home staging, Makeover, Professional Photography and Videography along with Creative Marketing Strategies, (At No Additional Costs). You can expect to achieve the best possible result in the shortest time.

We will be there for you throughout the entire sales journey, from the very first phone call to the eventual key handover. At Jason Lee Real Estate, we are committed in delivering a service that is above and beyond, so rest assured that you are in the safest hand!

What to Expect

1. First Meet up/ Zoom Meeting

  • Learn about you, your motivations to sell your home, what you hope to achieve from the sales and your future goals.
  • Review the property market with you. Understand who are your competitors, their asking prices, past transactions etc.
  • Determine bank valuation. Acquiring valuations from various banks will allow you to have a better idea of your homes’ fair market value and set an offer price.
  • Home walk-through to identify your homes’ features and unique selling points.
  • Review of the marketing strategy that will be used to increase your sales price.
  • Determine the preparation needed for the sale – Will you require Repairs, Refurbish, Repaint?
  • Going through the numbers – Calculating any Profit/Loss, costs involved for the sales of your home.
  • Review our Listing Agreement for your Approval.

2. Pre Sale Period

  • Vendors recommendation for the Repairs and Refurbishment required.
  • We will give your home a fresh coat of paint if needed, at our courtesy.
  • Home Staging to replicate a show flat experience, at our expense.
  • Require storage space for your furniture during the listing period? Leave it to us! We can do it for you at no additional charges at all.
  • Professional photography and Home Tour Video Shoot with our In-House Media Team at no additional cost.
  • Establish the Final asking price for your home.

3. Marketing Your Home

  • A comprehensive marketing plan designed by our marketing team will ensure the most efficient way to reach quality potential buyers
  • Listings will be published onto all major portals in Singapore – Propertyguru,, SRX and Edgeprop.
  • Facebook marketing will also be done to ensure the farthest reach in marketing your home.

4. The Viewing Period

  • Exclusive viewings will be scheduled to showcase your home to prospective purchasers.
  • Viewing will be schedule at any time, on any days of the Week for interested buyers. (Subject to your availability if you’re currently living in the house)

5. Post Viewing and Negotiation

  • Weekly updates on the number of Viewers.
  • What happens when there are no offers? : We will review the contributing factor and make adjustments.
  • Offers – Details of the offer and requests from interested buyers.
  • Review the contract details, negotiate with buyers/co-broke agents, to achieve the top dollar for your home.


6. Post offer period

  • All documents necessary will be prepared and processes carried out accordingly
  • Schedule appointment with law firm for the official signing of contracts for you.
  • Ensure that all buyer’s contingencies are met in a timely manner.


7. The Sale

  • Arrange for buyer’s/Valuator inspection. We will present and facilitate the process.
  • Arrange with Law Firm for the Final Sale appointment and Keys Handover.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You have just SOLD your home!
  • Time to determine your next move, and if we haven’t begun already, let us assist you in finding you your new home!
  • Need recommendations for Movers, Handymen, Contractors or Interior Designers? We have a lot of vetted Professionals ready on hand!

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